Welcome to Saturday’s news

The people make up the communities and the communities make the nation

Welcome to Saturday’s News, a new feature in Dominican Today.

Along with continued reportage from all regions of the Dominican Republic, I will seek to shine a spotlight on some of the lesser-known, less visited aspects of daily life in this vibrant, dynamic, and enigmatic island nation.

Along with the more challenging, often tragic, harsher aspects of the regularly reported news, there is also the everyday living of local family life, the daily toil and contributions of the laborers, business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, developers, educators, visionaries and artists who create the histories, foundations, achievements, and unique characters, flavors, and vibes of each community.

Each Saturday I will feature stories of people who are making a difference – or trying to make a difference, people with particularly interesting stories or backgrounds, people helping people, people who have found whole new leases on life.

It is my hope to bring you the sometimes extraordinary backgrounds of the lives of seemingly very ordinary people.

This column will visit and shed light on this side of life in the Dominican Republic.

See you next Saturday!

Renn Loren

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