Police chief won’t allow disrespect for authorities

N. Bautista. File

Santo Domingo.- In the region there’s disrespect for all authorities, and National Police director Ney Bautista cites a current scenario in San Francisco (northeast), exactly where a driver punched a colonel in the facial area, “when he, with each other with other policemen current were being seeking to impose buy for the neighborhood.”

“Those men and women were on the street and the police have been getting them absent mainly because they prevented the totally free movement of the group. Then this dude arrives from at the rear of and hits the colonel. Anybody can strike one more by stalking, but suitable there the other policemen who were being there experienced to apply all the use of force, all police strategies, the proper use of the club,” he claimed.

“What do I see wrong? That the policemen who were being there did practically nothing, and they are empowered to act, to use their billy golf equipment on that man, but responsibly. That’s why all all those who did not act like that are violating law enforcement restrictions and have to spend. ”

That’s the reason why, in accordance to Bautista, all the law enforcement officers who have been existing when that incident occurred versus the colonel will be sanctioned.

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