North Coast animals have their guardian angels of their own

Dear Editor:

Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic is a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare on the north coast.

We have spayed and neutered thousands of animals, provided outreach care and emergency medical treatment. We have rescued thousands of cats and dogs and rehomed them to the United States, Canada and some have found new homes here in the Dominican Republic.

We have a mobile clinic which enables us to deliver our services to other locations, provided we receive funds or donations for that type of campaign.

We often work with volunteers from World Vets and other organizations and even though various prestigious businesses support our work, we still need a steady source of income to continue our efforts.

Our Sanctuary, specifically designed to hold cats and dogs has been established in Luperon where we are housing approximately 100 dogs.

Also, our members foster many more in their own houses.

Our outreach program aids animals within poor communities, providing vitamins, deworming and other needs. In some cases we find animals with tumors or mutilations and we take them to the local veterinary clinic and pay for the procedures.

Ethical Education on the Treatment of Animal Program, was designed to bring appropriate education to public school children ages from 8 to 14, it was started this years and will continue with the support and help from donors and volunteers.

Anyone visiting the area of Cabarete, Sosua, and Sabaneta will be witness to the results of our work and other north coast animal groups.

We are looking for more companies and individuals to sponsor both our educational program and our mobile clinic to reach the total national territory with our spay and neuter program.

We have established fund raising events that are becoming tourist destinations on their own, like the Annual Woofstock event, with the participation of many artists, singers, face painting, vendors, bar, etc.

The next Woofstock will be held on May 3rd 2019.

Another popular event is our 11th annual Tom Whitehead, Bent Putter Classic Golf Tournament, to be held on November 17 at Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, more information can be found on our webpage,

Overpopulation of stray animals is a huge social problem that if it is not treated or dealt with, affects the environment, public health and the tourist industry.

Therefore we are appealing to businesses and individuals to help us with this situation. We believe that spay and neuter with education are the answers to permanently resolve the overpopulation problem and the resulting animal cruelty.

We are looking forward to extending our work all over our country especially in the parts where our work is little known.  With your help we can achieve this goal.


Marcos Polanco

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