Is America Finished?

Can Gods choose on America be prevented or has it now started? And if it has already begun, can it be averted? There is little doubt that The united states is at odds with the Almighty God and in eminent threat of His wrath. We have collectively offended the correctness of God and the stench of our immorality has dissipated in giant plumes all the way to heaven and has attained His nostrils. If The us fails to heed the warning indicators and flip from our evil means then we will, in truth be ruined and handed around to our enemies, just as the Israelites had been in the biblical accounts of their judgment from God. Nevertheless, there is excellent news. God normally issues a warning right before He judges nations. The option to repent is ordinarily supplied, although almost never taken.

In the ebook of Amos the Israelites unsuccessful to repent and ended up conquered by the Assyrians and then created into slaves. In the book of Jonah the Ninevites heeded Jonah&#39s prophetic warning of judgment and, then God withdrew His judgment and they had been spared. The united states now stands at the exact same door the Israelites and Ninevites stood. We can repent, that means cease our evil tactics and return to Gods will, or we can overlook the warnings and slide into Gods judgment. But what have we done to provoke Gods judgment, are we definitely that undesirable? Let us acquire an genuine, and fairly painful appear at our accurate American encounter as noticed in the reflection of Gods mirror of reality.

To start with we have a blessed covenant with God. It is named the Mayflower Compact, composed in 1620. In it our forefathers promised to glorify God and further the Christian faith. God in turned blessed this nation with terrific licenses and electrical power. Virtually four hundred yrs afterwards we have turn into a complacent land of God haters who have on an old worn out mask disguising ourselves as a Christian country. With just about every speech our political leaders close with “May well God bless The usa” ​​and when we truly feel patriotic we all acquire and sing “God Bless The united states”. According to current surveys 80% of the United States populace is Christian. Is not that brilliant? We dwell in a Christian Utopia, around operate with kindness, appreciate, peace, and unending support to fellow man. Clearly I am currently being sarcastic. Real truth is for a country that is majority Christian we do not appear like it, we do not act like it, and we definitely do not vote like it.

About the last just one hundred yrs we have all but abandoned God and all His methods. Oh, positive there are a lot of superior Christians that live and provide God in The us, but there have been also superior followers of God in Israel in 700 BC when Amos greeted warning of Gods justice for the reason that the nation as a total have been not living in accordance with Gods legal guidelines. So as well People in america as a full are not residing in accordance with Gods rules. But what just has America performed that is bringing this judgment on us?

1.Rejection of Gods Authority – The united states has eradicated God from the faculties and created it unlawful for teachers to pray with their pupils. We have built Gods phrase a banned curriculum in general public educational facilities. More a lot more we have made guidelines that are aggressively getting rid of God from all general public places and may perhaps soon remove “In God We Have confidence in” from our currency.

2.Sexual Immorality – The united states is the # 1 supply of pornography in the earth. We actively objectify adult males, women of all ages, and small children for the sexual gratification of a wicked worlds perverse needs. This abuse and destruction of hundreds of thousands of Gods kids is all accomplished in the identify of greed for income. America has embroidered Homosexuality as a pure way of life and that has allowed males and women to marry. This is an abomination to God strictly warned towards in the Bible.

(Deuteronomy 23:17 1 Kings 14: 24 15: 12 22: 46 2 Kings 23: 7 Career).

3.Greed – The united states has come to be a land of Billionaires. Our biggest energy was capitalism. Just about every male has the prospect to be a millionaire if he is effective really hard enough. We have grow to be drunk with our desire for licenses. This has led to thievery, deception, rampant fraud and exploitation of the inadequate. 2% of Americas population controls 98% of all the prosperity. This screams exploitation of the masses. The bad are getting poorer and the prosperous are finding richer. Even so even our middle and lower class citizens are loaded in contrast to other individuals in the globe, these kinds of as Ethiopia or the Dominican Republic, and we do not share. We hoard our wealth or invest just about every final dime on ourselves. Credit rating card credit card debt is out of command in The united states. According to the Federal Reserve as of 2012 Us citizens owe 850.7 Billion dollars in credit score card financial debt. We are investing dollars we do not have on items we do not need to have!

4.Murder – In 1973 as a final result of Roe v Wade the United States of The united states built abortion legal and a ideal safeguarded by legislation. America has been condoning the murder of millions of unborn kids ever because. According to a 2008 report from the Facilities for Disorder Regulate and Avoidance we are murdering approximately 1 million infants each and every calendar year. God is the creator of lifetime. This liability by itself could bring The us crashing down.

5.Complacency of the Church – The American church has grown lethargic and passive. We established idly by whilst all of these difficulties fester and pollute the country. The American church has sturdy figures, still refuses to increase up. The Christian vote and boycott energy could alter the country and the globe. Regrettably we do not unite for change, due to the fact we have come to be lukewarm. Therefore we will be held accountable as getting condoned these atrocities from God.

In Revelation Jesus claims to the lukewarm church that He will vomit them from His mouth. In other phrases Jesus finds them disgusting. America is not just lukewarm, we are ice cold and God finds us disgusting. The statement that The us is a big Christian country is not just a extend, it is a substantial lie. We are loving to ourselves simply because we want to see ourselves as good, but we do not seriously want to be very good. Why? Mainly because we are residing in an atmosphere of continual pleasure. Rapid food items, 24/7 enjoyment, fiscal prosperity, rampant sexual immorality, and superior pace Net that places the entire world at our finger strategies in a millisecond. We are way too hectic, and too drunk on satisfaction to actually think about Gods will about ours.

I do not think the ordinary man or woman truly wants God in their life. Even while a romance with God is a enjoyment beyond description, lots of certainly check out it as an intrusion on their will. Its the head established and influence of Satan. We want to be gods. Audio bizarre? It definitely is not if you peel back the levels and examine it. Just after all with all this media and instant satisfaction, have not we really established ourselves up as small gods of our very own realm? What with quick information and primary stream media and all? Do we truly consider we can go on this way and escape Gods judgment? Rome did not, Russia did not, and a lot more importantly Israel did not. God shipped His judgment upon Israel and they were conquered by their enemies and scattered in the wind. Israel was warned by the Prophet Amos that Gods judgment was coming and urged them to repent for exploitation of the inadequate and sexual immorality, but they refused to pay attention and were conquered by the Assyrians and led into slavery.

Gods judgment is often preceded with warnings and a prospect to repent. If Israel experienced only listened to Amos and repented then they would have been spared the atrocities of the Assyrian armies, they would have continued to prosper, and the temple would not have been wrecked.

On the other hand in the book of Jonah we see a absolutely various reaction to Gods warning of coming judgment, and then a absolutely distinctive out appear. The Ninevites listened to Jonah and ended up spared Gods judgment. They repelled their sins from the King all the way down to the person in the road.

Jonah 3: 6-10 – 6 When Jonah&#39s warning arrived at the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, took off his royal robes, included himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust. 7 This is the proclamation he issued in Nineveh: “By the final decision of the king and his nobles: Do not let folks or animals, herds or flocks, taste anything at all do not permit them try to eat or consume. lined with sackcloth Enable everyone call urgently on God Allow them give up their evil ways and their violence. 9 Who is aware of? God might continue to relent and with compassion switch from his intense anger so that we will not perish. ” 10 When God observed what they did and how they turned from their evil methods, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he experienced threatened.

Could you imagine the President of the United States accomplishing that? Issuing an unexpected emergency get that all Us residents are to speedy and pray. All are to give up their evils strategies. That suggests no drunkness, sexual flexibility, greed and lust for revenue, and exploiting the poor. In small we would willingly give up our hedonistic existence kinds. Yea proper! That would imply we would have to official information that Gods way is the correct way and anybody dwelling to the contrary is erroneous. If that strategy was even murmured in Washington, or anyplace else it would be shot down and condemned instantly. We falsely believe that that we live in a entire world wherever there is no such matter as erroneous as it pertains to life, if we selected it. I am firmly confident that People in america, as nicely as the rest of the environment, would rather go down in flames relatively than stay a single second without their fleshly pleasures.

This is what the Lord claims to the United States of The united states:

“Each and every kingdom on earth is temporal, and only exists for the reason that God has permitted them to. Just as every kingdom exists simply because of God, so also does each individual gentleman stay and breath mainly because God has permitted it.” America has been richly blessed by God. has been provided wonderful ability and wealth for the reason that it has referred to as upon the Lord and proclaimed Him as fantastic! She has glorified the Lord for a wicked entire world to see and has happy the Lord extremely good. block to the world. She has deserted her blessings and thrown them into the encounter of the Lord. She has set herself up as an enemy to God. God has been fatigued. The us will have to repent and return to the Lord and all His excellent and good approaches. Abandon your evil, wicked and detestable approaches and return unto Mine. a foot stool to the world! ”

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