Growing Infrastructure and Transportation in the Dominican Republic

It has been no secret that the DR has continued to grow in regards to tourism. While tourism around the world has hit a slump, the DR is still enjoying impressive numbers in regards to tourism. Because of that, many investors are providing money to improve the infrastructure. The government has taken note and has begun to support many projects as well.

Because of this interest in improving the infrastructure of the DR, tourism will continue to grow. Tourists will be able to find more reasons to visit the DR thanks to the projects that are in the works for the DR.

One of the primary investors in the DR is the United States. With the backing of a United States' investment, the DR government has announced plans to improve upon the infrastructure of Punta Cana. The US has invested $ 250 million to the project, and the DR hopes the investment will improve tourism in the area.

There are several plans for this money. One plan is to improve areas that surround hotels. That will improve the beauty of the hotels, and also help them lure more clientele. The money is also going to be used to improve highways. For instance, one goal is to shorten the time it takes to go from Punta Cana to La Romana. With the work that will be done to the highways, the drive will be almost cut in half.

A mountain road network is going to be built in the South West and Central regions. Again, this will help lure tourists to the area as well as develop the region.

The dedication to roads will greatly help the DR. As the roads improve tourism will grow even more. The DR already has amazing numbers in regards to tourism, but this investment will improve upon those numbers.

There has also been EUR3.7 billion promised to the DR by a Balearic Island development group. This investment is also aimed at increasing tourism by improving the infrastructure of the DR. The main purpose of this investment is to work on a railway that will link Santiago to Santo Domingo. This railway will greatly increase tourism, and will help both cities and the areas that are between the cities.

Again, the purpose is to make it easier for tourists to travel. As more tourists come to the area, the economy grows. Therefore, it is beneficial to the DR to improve upon its infrastructure.

The government will also be using $ 30 million from the OPEN Fund for International Development in order to improve upon the highways of the DR. This will lead to shorter travel times through the DR, which will improve satisfaction of tourists and residents alike.

Tourism in the DR has greatly aided the infrastructure. Because of the large amount of tourism, the DR is able to get the investment money that they need in order to build up their transportation and land. This is what has allowed the DR to remain one of the largest tourist spots in the world.

Other countries and investors have helped the DR in its quest of becoming the prime vacation spot in the world. The investors are not doing this out of good faith. They are doing it because they know the DR is a strong investment. They see the potential for growth, and therefore they feel comfortable putting their money into different projects.

With the lure of the DR and the backing of investors, the economy in the area will continue to grow. The DR has proven it is going to be a force in the marketplace. Year after year, the DR manages to create more jobs from tourism and bringing more tourists over for a visit.

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