Detox facility chief: legalize recreational marijuana

Marijuana Buds-Photograph courtesy Saanich News

Santo Domingo. – The head of the detox facility Casa Abierta, on Sun. stated the Govt.’s push to cut marijuana use ignores the fact of its leisure use, of which he affirms that 90 % really don’t result in issues, “being significantly less unsafe than other medication commercially authorized and controlled for the assortment of taxes.”

Redhamés de la Rosa explained marijuana ought to be considered leisure, just like liquor, cigarettes, tobacco and other folks.

Interviewed on Channel 6, De la Rosa suggests next Uruguay’s illustration, exactly where recreational cannabis use has been authorized considering that 1974, with State-controlled production and consumption.

“There in Uruguay, ahead of the purchaser invested the equivalent of 10 dollars for each thirty day period, but now only spends an average of 1.5 pounds like the tax gain of the authorities.”

“The legalization of marijuana prevents sectors joined to prosecution from exploiting and extorting youth, getting advantage of this prohibition.”

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