Beach Loungers – Caring Made Easy

Beach loungers are great furnitures armed with flexible design which enhances the comfort level. It is combined with convenient and style which can be used on a beach or in our backyard and helping us to increase our outdoor relaxation period.

Beach loungers are made from high quality marine grade materials like polyform cording welt, PVC textaline etc which are resistance to ultra violet rays, mold, mildew and water. This makes them extremely capable for external environment and enhances the life and the durability of the product.

These loungers come in verity of color and the style, we can select them according to our budget and needs. Since these beach loungers make the life on the beach easy, we should take some preventive measure, so that durability and the texture are maintained for longer periods.

Below are 8 point steps that need to be followed to harness the comfort from the beach loungers for longer duration.

1. Before cleaning the lounger allow the cleaning solution to soak into the fabric

2. Always air dry the lounger after the use

3. Avoid hard soap and detergents for cleaning

4. Never use the hot water for cleaning

5. Brush off loose dirt

6. Do not iron the beach lounger

7. Avoid bleach solution, which damage the texture of the lounger

8. Always prefer hand wash rather than washing machine

9. Do not iron it, its fabric get damaged with hot iron and give extra precaution from the dust and the mold

Follow each of the above mentioned steps carefully to gain the comfort from your Beach loungers for longer duration.

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