All fuels except natural gas jump again

Consider the bus to Bani, Paraiso beach

Santo Domingo.-  For the 3rd straight 7 days, the Marketplace and Commerce Ministry on Fri. posted the fuel rates in result from September 8 to 14,when quality gasoline will expense RD$243.40, or RD$1.00 more, even though regular gasoline will charge RD$232.70, up RD$2.00 for each gallon.

Regular diesel will charge RD$195.80 and the high quality diesel will charge RD$206.90, or RD$4.30 a lot more every single.

Avtur will charge RD$155.90, up RD$3.00 kerosene at RD$183.60, an increase of RD$4.90, and gas oil at RD$125.35, rises RD$2.50 for each gallon.

Propane will cost RD$127.60 for every gallon, an boost of RD$3.30, whilst pure fuel carries on at RD$28.97 for every cubic meter.

The Dominican Republic Central Bank’s posted common exchange fee of RD$49.83 for each greenback was used to compute all fuel prices.

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