Aim a laser beam at airplane, go to jail


Santo Domingo.- Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (Idac) director     Alejandro Herrera, denounced Wed. that folks continue the harmful follow of aiming laser beams at airplanes although landing.

He said the exercise he labeled as “criminal” poses a danger to the life of travellers and crew, and disclosed that Army Iintelligence look into prior to criminal prosecution.

He claimed a judicial precedent was set in Santiago wherever a gentleman was charged and convicted for aiming a laser beam at an plane that was about to land at that city’s Cibao airport.

Herrera reported that the “dangerous and recurrent practice” will be a single of the principal topics talked about at the subsequent conference of the National Aviation Safety Council (Conasac).

“This follow that we are heading to punish in an exemplary fashion is really risky, in opposition to operational safety in the Dominican Republic.”

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