Actor ‘weds’ a tree to protest deforestation

Santo Domingo.- Peruvian actor Richard Torres on Sun. “married” a tree in the Dominican capital’s Colonial Town to draw interest to the “indiscriminate” felling of trees in the place and in the entire world, EFE stories.

In the strange ceremony which attracted dozens of onlookers in Colón park a few meters from the of Santo Domingo’s colonial-era Cathedral, Torres positioned a ring on the tree and instructed a “judge” that “I do” to the nuptials.

“We have occur to Santo Domingo to conduct our marriage ceremony selection 17 and we will not stop until eventually we establish a new Guinness record, with 100 ceremonies like this,” the actor told Efe.

Torres was helped by various Dominican actors, who served as “maid of honor  and “best man” in the “wedding.”

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